Look up my title in dictionary.com... lol... it really isn't that funny.

-_- who am I kidding.

I have braces.. and rubber bands for braces, I have snapped 8 today. talk about ow.

my pinky finger keeps going numb... I dk why.

I am arrogant... says Artemix

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  • you're not arrogant, you're optimistic!

  • pancakes. Stop being arrogant! loving the melodies as always

  • this makes one jump out of their seat:)

  • Happy tune:)!

  • shouldntve had a kid hahah or maybe dont have a job hahaha

  • homework? and what about me? I had to go to sleep 2 hours ago, my kid will wake me up this night, I know it and tomorrow it will be a hell at job :-)

  • those pads at the end are amazing hahah LOVE EM

  • yeah.... I could listen tothis forever hahahahahaha but the thing is I NEED TO DO THINGS like homework!

  • I became addicted to this :-)

  • Hopefully I wont end up like sbronz hahaha download :0

  • WOW these melodies I comletely love hahah wow Im so happy now hahahaha I could listen to this for at least an hour ;D

  • great stuff as always :D

  • hahahah I like that definention hahah in marching band its called a ploom hahaha :P and Onyx she always does that hahah :D

  • CallyKay, your tracks always puts me in a happy mood :)

  • ok, listen, intead of making music I wasted 1 hour of my life listening to this, I want it back! :-)