This song makes me want to dress up in black leather boots, put on thick eyeliner and boots with tights and go jump on a motorcycle to get a tattoo... like GOOD GIRL GONE BAD... I SHOULD'VE NAMED IT THAT...OH WELL..

sorry bout da caps.

This was one of the quickest made songs i have ever created... I had the melody and made it fast but yet the quality is still amazing. This is my second darkest song and yes I did made a dark song called Lost for a remix xontest by Hexo and I think I won... but check that out it was one of my earliest tracks.... the only loops were drum loops.

This was a long friday and Saturday... I want coffe but here where I live it's like 8:30 so i can"t or by the time you read this it's couldn't

I hope you enjoy.

I think guys with country accent are hot.

Also if they like have a six pack.. and wavy hair...mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm,'I feel stupid... or if you go deer hunting...Venison...mmmmmmmmm.


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  • I like this song


  • this is great it should totally have like madonna singing over it. i love ur melodies

  • NC REPPIN all day baby lol...... nice track girlly..... your melodies are the best around!

  • Sounds So 80's Thaats AWSOME I LOVE IT!!!

  • ?......

  • Hell yeah, black leather boots, and I'm ready for a tat myself.. I'm going for a nice black and white shoulder piece..not sure when though, I gotta work with the artist and draw something up.. This track is good.. Very catch melody too... }=)

  • CK, u are very weird. But its ok. I don't judge. Nice song. I like the tone. Much less happy, more awesome.

  • I like it! Nice one Cally :D

  • cool, sounds really good

  • good track :)

  • STRONG! :D Like it!

  • Love that melody with the sorta violin sounding synth :D

  • great work, your synths are pretty cool and you get good melodies going

    this isn't dark at all though lol

  • great melody!