Hey guys :)

I felt really inspired by the original chord progression, so there you go.


I still have to improve transitions and to fix some mastering issues but i'm already 3 days late to the deadline haha.


I really like 2:50 .

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  • mec même 4 ans plus tard t'es toujours aussi bouillant

  • groove

    very good

  • Very good work!

  • Been playing this for the day lovely work as always Tim ;)

  • This is some rad stuff right here

  • Love the funk Tim.


  • Underrated Song

  • :0 wut have i discovered

  • groovy asf

  • still underrated

  • Super cool track !

  • alright, pop off

  • I love how every section of this switches to an even funkier groove. In my opinion, this track is literally perfect, amazingly well done and your tracks always put me in a great mood :)

    • *noticed by other users than my 'active' followers/friends

    • Thanks for this kind comment!

      Tbh I also think this one is underrated, maybe not in comparison to other artists on AT but in comparison to my other tracks...

      Maybe I'm not active enough in the community anymore to have my tracks noticed

    • also this one is so underrated atm, deserves 10x more attention