Cover of track V e r y  O O B (CLOSED) by ØutOfBounds
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ØutOfBounds, V e r y O O B (CLOSED)


So I hit 100. I am really glad that it happened because it tells me that you guys are enjoying the music I make which is my ultimate goal on this site. To make music that I like to make, have fun making it, and have other people enjoy those songs. Anyway here are teh rools.

1. Keep the progression similar. You can add and change notes. You can also change the key. Just as long as I can hear the normal progression being used edited or not, youre good.

2. You can do any genre you want. (Bonus points if you do a genre you either think you suck at or have never done before or just dont do very often.)

3. Try your best and have fun. If you think your going to get overwhelmed making a remix of this and have like 20 other tracks your working on as well as this one, dont join this. I want you guys to put your very best work into this track. Blow me away. Make it hard for me to choose the winner. But ofc have fun while making this. If you feel bored making your song its not gonna come out all nice.

4. Collabs are allowed


Lastly, there the deadline. If anyone needs me to extend it I will gladly do so.

Deadline: March 20th, 2021.

Again have fun and try your best. Ty for 100 and I cant wait to see some entries. :)

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