You forgot to write it down, but I'm invited. I put on my best clothes and cologne. I'm excited. Got me livin in another time. Not a feeling that I really mind. Can I really be human? Can I really feel alive? Am I gonna sound stupid? Am I gonna be alright? I need a little more vibrato. I need to be more inclined to show the world the man I am inside.

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  • This is amazing omg

  • grooooooooove

  • smashing

  • that "got me livin in another time" part has been stuck in my head for like the past week

  • I could see this in the outro for the lego movie, has a very distinct feeling associated with it

    • holy dang i thought the same thing

      it had that "lego movie credits" kind of feel

  • great voice btw <3

  • buff-walt

  • Gives me vibes combining The Postal Service, Chvrches, and The Weeknd

    • that's overwhelmingly kind of you to say

  • u won

  • love this dude. cover art is sick too

  • #1 in singles wtffffffffffffffffffffff

  • This is going in the playlist for my soul.


    • I still brag about you doing that when I show people audiotool.

      It's a distortion that adds so many weird harmonic qualities. love it!

    • also i see u with the delay shit ;)

  • Ayo nas can my band do a live cover of this in a gig

  • ayo can we appreciate the pulv work in this track is amazing

    • alpha move

    • I'm just glad that you can't tell from listening to it immediately. I saw a comment during the synth gang wars that pulv drums were all just noise signals and EQ. I had to set the record straight.