Welcome to ATD21!

As always, there's a set of rules to follow, please read and understand them below;

- 1. All tracks must have remix enabled.

- 2. Your track must be published after the start date (Nov 22nd - 0:00 :00 PST), and before the end date (Jan 10th - 23:59 :59 PST).

- 3. Remixes of other tracks are not eligible. This includes remixes of non-Audiotool tracks.

- 4. Everything must be made in Audiotool. The only exceptions are samples of your own recorded physical instruments, short one-shots that you have permission to use, and you may also record your vocals in another DAW before exporting them to Audiotool, though blatantly obvious sound processing done in said DAW is prohibited. (Timeline bounces are also acceptable, of course.)

- 5. NO samples with copyright. (looperman, cymatics, KSHMR, and most rips of existing tracks are obvious examples of copyrighted samples.)

- 6. Each artist may submit one track as a solo artist, one track as part of a collaboration, or both. All valid submissions will be judged and can place in the top 10.

Mark the one solo track and/or one collaboration track you wish to submit for judging by tagging them with the "ATD21" tag. If you make multiple tracks, you must mark any tracks you do not wish to submit for judging by tagging them with the "withdrawn" tag.

- 7. All collaborators must agree for a collaboration to be submitted. Once a collaboration is submitted, if the collaborators wish to withdraw the collaboration, all collaborators must agree to withdraw the collaboration before it will be considered withdrawn. A submitted collaboration must be withdrawn before any collaborators that submitted it may submit a different collaboration.

Titling your track always helps us organize things so please do that if you can!

Please feel free to ask questions should the rules be met with some misunderstanding.

- - - - - - - - -

Prizes are to be announced at a later date.

- - - - - - - - -

Again, start and end times are listed in PST and all we can say is to try your best and have fun!

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