I have a feeling this is how Vltra's brain works during the time when he's making music.

It is like you convert his neuron signals and data into sound. So I think this is what is happening in his brain while he's making music.


I was creating a completely different artist and by accident, I traveled to this sound. Right away it reminded all his #- [nothing000 - nothing] series, that he did 6 years ago. I realized the actual main key that is hidden in Vltra's music - Nostalgia. Whenever I listen to ( especially ) his old tracks it gives me some memories from the past and a nostalgic feeling. It sometimes feels surreal but it is like there are some hidden messages in his music which you can't describe whatsoever. He could create a loop that could repetitively play for 10 hours and still mesmerize you in every second of it.

The cover represents my feelings towards his music, translate the way you want. Nostalgia.


The number of pulsars serves for the filtering. Rassel's are automated to control the swing on particular sounds throughout the track. Also, I admire the harsh compression in such works, it just works so well.


Go listen - @VLTRA








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  • stunningly beautiful ......

  • refav~

  • or this one,,

    so good

    what youre doing is special m8

  • Sounds like "Jamie xx - Sleep Sound" sampled in there.

    • I had no idea about such artist and this song, and FUCK man thanks for showing this. It is unreal. Completely unreal. OML

  • *sheds tear* Very humbled and thankful to be an entry in this cool project u have going. Sbz sent this to me ! Love this tune and the description man... <3

    • Always proper tunes man, keep them coming. Thanks for tunning in!

    • Also shoutout ukfunky. Such a cool dude fr !

  • Republished

    minor fixes.

  • ahh yessss

    vltra has been one of my main inspirations on here

  • man this is so sick

    • I am weaving my lost dreams through these tunes! Much appreciated!

  • Ima text this to him

    I don't think he fully grasps the impact his sound has had on a lot of us here lol

    Amazing emotive environment,,, very dynamic and choatic in a comfortable way

  • Niceeee. I love how smooth all of these are.

    • thanks man!

    • Also, you've got good taste in artists on here.

  • damn this one is good

  • favorite one so far

    • could be mine as well, but Nico for me is the best.

  • this plastered an enormous smile on my face.

    • am happy bout that <3

  • Master master bro