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  • Holyyy, and I thought I was putting to many effects..

  • 100th fav

  • hey homeboi wadit do plehboi

  • nice one

  • Damn this is catchy

  • remix open?

    • that really cool actually <3

    • Also it's because this is a special song to me, I don't want anyone stealing it. More of a personal song more than anything really.

    • Nope

  • the lead/main chords are a little bland in terms of sound design. i think this could still use a lot more ear candy. little things that just float around in the atmosphere and just add a little flavor of melodic frosting :) idk if there's much more than that tho m8. this is pretty good already

    • seek and u will find, knock and the door will be opened

    • just hmu on my wall if u ever want feedback ;)

    • haha totally feel ya my dude :D

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  • I don't know shit about making EDM, so I will leave it at--

    Happy belated birthday, and great work.

    • Thank you, and that's fine.

  • what?

    is it my birthday? oh thank you very much! 😏

    wait it not? 😢

  • everything about this song it was just put on so well, i love it.

  • Republished

    More edits.

  • Republished

    Took RevøLight advice.

  • If anybody else has critique to give me, please leave it in the comment section.

  • Ok, here's my crit, hope you learn from it!


    You could have done a lil bit better job with the sound design of the saw chords that play throughout the song. Add more ambience sounds like there's no flavor because of it. Also, choose a better snap sample, I have a ton of good ones. Also add some reverb to them. You keep using the same cymbal reverse for transition, which gets a bit repetitive as the song goes on, try to switch it up like use a white noise uplifter, etc.

    • Thanks!

    • Clap is too loud at 1:00 Also, make the kick that's used through out the whole song a tiny bit more quiet. Sound design, again, could be improved on those parts, sounds like it's pre-developed. lacks ambience layers really, and lacks organized reverb. there could be more flavor to the percs here: 1:44 clap is so loud and so bland, choose a better one.


      Mixing and mastering is decent, so yea that's about it! Hope it helps bro! :D

  • very overrated sorry

    it's a good song, yes, but very overrated