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  • besides the fact the u do that piano type intro in everything nowadays, i love everything about this. (not trying to dis you, but it does take some of the aesthetic away from the track, if that makes sense)

    • I've tried to change my sound over the years. It's hard to keep changing your sound just so other people will like it. Especially when AT can be limiting sometimes. I used the same sorta formula but changed each song. As long as people found it pleasant to listen to I kept doing it.

    • to clarify 2 years later...when u hear the same kind of piano intros in multiple songs prior, it makes it less and less original to the point its just like, okie, cool

    • what are you talking about lol, the piano is perfect for the track imo

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  • That piano is everything <3

  • oh shit i didnt see this

  • omg

  • so goood

  • Stunning

  • really smooth piano

  • this is chill, so chill....so great!!

  • How did i forget to favor this.

  • how did you do this piano, seriously? like it's so damn cleannnnn

  • Still the King of Liquid ... bittersweet as usual

    one remark ... the riser at 1:00 doesn't sound right (offtune?)

  • ...<3 <3 <3!!!!!!!!

  • ily

  • A lot of soothing tracks this year! Love it!

  • aghhhh this piano