hey toolers. audiotool is <3

after a house dj session at a friends garden

i decided to mix a bit more house into my tracks

and the mask was the first track i made after it.

realy like the energie of this track, beatwise

stomping heavy and harsh drums, melodic part is a mix of samples from AT,

just a bit transformed and some handplayed synths.

took this track a bit more serious, hope you like it too, enjoy the trip!

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  • Ballshaking beat ... approverd

  • yo this is actually nice

  • Didn't leave a comment for some reason? Stomping indeed,big project,Big sound,303 is mint AF great work brother chrome ;)

  • worlds biggest draft

    • ollie just spreads out their tracks really far

    • wrong, it belongs to one of my tracks, I will not say which one because well, that'd be promoting on another track, and thats a dick move lol

    • nah that title definitely belongs to an ollie track

  • that draft size tho

    • Yeah, this is WAY too much lag

      I can't understand the remix i'm making

    • i can feel the lag

  • This is great!

    This must have took a long time

  • 2nd part is massive

  • feels like i'm playing one of those futuristic super-speedy racing games with the cars that have no wheels

  • thanks for all the love <3 8 min version would kill my pc, better start a new entry

  • damn this is good

  • Yo, nice one!

  • Elektrische Energie. Ich möchte auch die 8-Minuten-Version? Super!

  • Christ almighty, I've never seen more than 2 Rasselbocks in a single draft. Bravo, sir... :o

  • EPIC work . Chill yet banging beats . Like this a lot

  • could happily have ten minutes of the intro - gorgeous!