Little somthing me and DubLion put togther quiet a while ago now,

No idea what is up with audiotool at the moment! i cant even listen to what this sounds like due to lag. But hey it fells good to release something to you guys again.

Hope all of you that are still active are doing well and enjoying life <3

I've been busy making heaps of music on Abelton, so hopefully i can share that some time in the near future.

Thank you for your wonderful contribution to this track @DubLion <3

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  • This is something that I would listen again and again. Did you actually made this song using this software? And did you use any other instruments than laptop?

    • Yep

    • AT is amazing when you dig a little deeper

    • I stumbled upon this site as a kid and 100% was one of the best experiences growing up! Fantastic community full of so many talented & supportive people, highly recommend giving it a go!

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  • Dis is gud

  • Republished

    added a little more spiceeee

  • Republished

    last one x

  • refav in that case

  • Republished

    another one

  • I'm waiting for your return, legend of audiotool, wherever you are, I hope you are well

    • <33 big love, hope your doing amazing also!

  • Very beautiful track :3

    Almost cried <3

  • goddamit tocka you need to start producing again cuz i miss u lmao

    • Trust me man i have been :) just not on here sadly ahahah <3

  • Is just me or can anyone else see/hear logic on this tracj\k?

  • Damn I missed so many amazing tracks

  • Oooo is that a republish?

  • is it bad that i remember when you published this?

  • OH my!

  • Republished

    Outro Touch Ups