Start Date: 15. Dec 2019

Deadline: 31. Jan 2020


Hello everyone, it's the time of the year we've all been waiting for, Christmas, holidays and the most important of course Audiotool Day!


This years judges are




@Jordi Moragues



To participate you have to remix this empty track, tracks which are not remixes of this one can be posted on my wall, I try not to overlook any of them!


1. The track must of been published between 15/12/19 - 31/01/20

2. You can enter as many tracks as you like, however, only your best track will be placed in the top 10.

3. Collaborations are allowed .

Tracks will be judged on numerous factors:


1. Songwriting and structure.

2. Production values such as mixing and mastering.

3. Smart synth design.

4. Texture and tonality.

5. Clever and original use of samples (one-shots and loops).

6. Overall originality



- 1. Place a Behringer TD 3

- 2. Place 50 Dollar (Steam, Spotify or directly over paypal)


If you have any questions:

audiotoolday2019 @GMAIL .com


Good luck and have fun

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