ATD 19 TOP 10 Results

Wow thanks a lot for all the entries, the contest is over,

the winners will be announced on February 14th,

you all make it really hard for us to pick a winner this year!

This years judges are




@Jordi Moragues


- 1. Place a Behringer TD 3

- 2. Place 50 Dollar (Steam, Spotify or directly over paypal)

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  • altho the contest is over, I really hope I can win on 2020 lmaooooooo

  • What's a behringer TD 3?

    • its the synth the bassline from audiotool was based off of

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    • You have predicted your destiny two years later.

  • Should probably close remixes

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  • today is the day

  • Happy Valentines Day ya'll!

  • You know what's happening today?

  • 2310 listens

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  • Hey results are coming out tomorrow

  • BRUH what happened to feb 8th xD i was so excited xDD

    • :AEV:



    • WHat


    • It's coming out today. :V

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  • first audiotool day

  • good luck everyone

    if yer new to AT try and participate in this its the most legendary thing on here. i remember doing the ones from like 2013 back in the day

  • is there gonna be like a top ten, besides the 1st and 2nd place?

  • i'm excited for the results :D

  • Update: It doesn't look like I'll have enough time to finish my 3rd entry before the deadline tonight. It's about 65% done and I want to put my full effort into this track without rushing it, so I'm cool with my other two entries being in the competition. I will publish the track as a non-entry after the judging process has been completed. I wish the best of luck to all who participated and I hope everyone had fun!!! ^-^