simple music with bummbumm

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  • this is one of the most liked and cool tracks you played at the my opinion...i appreciate a lot while i was shaking my ass....maybe just need a better mixing....but is an amazing track

  • nice track :)

  • im seriously going to convince my school if they can play this at one of their dances, their so crappy and this would just be amazing lol!! i am absolutely loving the bass, absolutely perfect. id love to see you write more stuff like this, its more melodic but still keeps a minimal approach to everything. awesome track! :)

  • Like it too. Progression is top.

  • Breathes...

  • Love the compression!

  • What do you have against RZA? ;)

  • nice job man

  • thanks cripta, yeah I worked different, sometimes good to break the cluster!

  • so cool....inusual olondro....what's with all these melodies ??? hehe

  • :)

  • tänks guys

  • great track, olo!!!!

  • Yeah 'simple' yeah right!

  • Olondro the Beast Master, great track