This post is a little different

Just a soundtrack idea I thought of earlier today

let me know what you think of it

pls critique


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  • There's only one thing that could make this track better honestly, and that's some kind of different percussion. Something like in Virtual Riots track "Part of Me" for example, would fit so well in this (and some lighter, tighter hats).

    But as is, this is 95% perfect.

  • ive finally realized what this track reminds me of: risk of rain 2!!! Its like a harder hitting version of some of the sounds in the ost. That might just be cus i played it recently and am projecting tho

    love this so much btw

  • I just pissed my pants

  • OKAY

  • Holy shit, thank you guys so much! <3

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  • oh hey #1

    Well deserved mg :D

  • Cool track, love the arps. The bass could use a bit more texture imo (use a slight saw wave and a very tiny bit of detune to spread out the frequencies a bit in the low-mids).

  • Congrats on getting this on the charts, especially first. Well deserved in my opinion.

  • wow this is rlly nice

  • It sounds very old-school audiotool.

  • WOW

    love this arpeggio

    And this kick bass is perfect !

  • Love that shuffled arpeggio synth and the pads are insanely good. Beat is funky and the arrangement on point. Only thing I could miss is the vocal but what the fuck

    • Thank you so much! I thought you maybe had some things you thought I could change but this makes me very happy!

  • Here's my critique: it's awesome

  • Oh the choir tho

  • This is so clean