Voiceless Knight Severin - by OOB

If you dont know dark souls lore then you dont have to read this next part. Its just me geeking out and creating lore for this guy lol.


Severin was a secret 5th Knight of Gwyn. He existed only for the moment

one of the 4 knights betrayed Gwyn. Blessed with infinite life until he fufilled his duty

He never fufilled his duty though.

He sat waiting for the moment that such an event would happen but with

Gwyn gone and no one else knowing about him, he would have never known that

anything had happened. So he decided to venture off and break Gwyns rule to stay hidden.

But know one ever saw him. They were all gone. It was the end of the world. The last warrior

thought he had killed his last enemy but now Severin was looking for anyone to kill.

So there at the end of the world they cross paths. Now it is a battle to the death.

Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: This is a song inspired by the boss themes of dark souls.

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