I feel if I'm going to do a bunch of music like this, might as well make it a series. Enjoy this track I made that I'm actually truly satisfied with.

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  • space techno, beat has a astronaut floating feeling.

  • Woah

  • THIS PROGRAM WONT LET ME POST MY MUSIC UGHGHGHGH but wateverz ur great dont let those haters put u down i do lots of corioghraphy and ill prob use this! its really cool and it would be fun to dance to it was reakky cool at 1;04 wjat u did

  • Oh the bass... the bass.....!

  • Real spaced out am hating you for these one. favoring you should check me out sometime.

  • Reminds of the bugged out tent @ creamfields liverpool.Brilliant.

  • you are excessively talented musically!

  • Awesome :D

  • Love the bass

  • This is soooooo cool!!!!


  • This is declared my favorite by you.


  • Love it!

  • That bass is supa doopa, N1m8:)!