my skrillex remix, follow me if you enjoyed!

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  • trash

    just used samples

  • remix make em bon dem!

  • trash

  • cool m8

  • jeez guys leave him alone if he tried that's all that matters

  • why am i listening to this shit?

  • Mh okay :)

    HEre please>

  • I know! when even the nicest guy on audiotool doesn't fave you know it's......just bad.........really bad.

  • ARGHHHH! my ears! help me!

  • yep...and i'm surprised there is not tornsage ;)

  • Because there are at least 74 prepubescent idiots with no taste on AT

  • io lo faccio sempre quando posso...questo e il mute..sono l uniche armi rimaste ;)

  • aprite la traccia e cliccate sui Sample Copyright Abuse...cosi la cancellano

  • Skrillex è la rovina della musica...

  • how can this track have 74 fans...