"fear is the parent of all cruelty" - b.r.

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  • *Has a chill tag*

    • felt chilled out when i mixed it :) too many riduculous 'genres' mostly signifying nothing really

  • !!!!!!!!

  • jesus!

  • Wow! So powerful!

  • Holy sheeeeeeet!!

  • I'm "Torn". The political undertones that one could associate with this masterpiece would only damage its magnificent nature. Thank you for sharing, This track actually brought tears to my eyes. Not so much the lyrics but the power of the combination of that and the music. You just earned yourself a big fan.

  • Amazing!

  • Vibrantly entrancing, epic!!!

  • this song is strong and you can feel the emotion! very nice!

  • RE-FAV

  • yeah! original track! love it mate!

  • Always very creative and innovative! I like your sound so much!

  • Very nice. Cheers!

  • Always great!

  • So wonderful... That is the kind of music i want to make...Every single second i spent to listen to this track made me feel like...wow ! Actually, i felt exactlly like Kepz : I was like i was watching a movie, transported in your story... I'm also making some short movies and this track was really really beautiful... Thank you !