ill probably just publish old stuff i never finished so you guys can realize that its ok to start off sucking chode at making music

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  • hi, I would like to ask if I can be allowed to use this for my youtube channel I would greatly appreciate it if I could.

    • Might get taken down as this song used copyright samples

  • woah 5 years ago

  • this was 4 YEARS AGO?

  • refav

  • so confused THIS IS SUCKING CHODE.... wut

  • refav


    • ree

    • some really old thing that ethan, david, n i tried to make

      >some really old thing

  • Reported for Sound Witchcraft

  • It's really good

  • <3 <3 <3

  • man u never sucked chode

    you're the most talented

    like you have literally gone from AT producing to being huge on spotify and making the cleanest music i've ever heard

    ur my #1 inspo for music rn cause you've shown us all that you can make it using audiotool

    you're without a doubt the most succesful artist to come out of AT and thats all in the space of a year and a bit

    you deserve every single bit


    • tbh if it wasn't for luxior i wouldn't have found out myself how to create good sound design and melodies

    • big love <33

    • my mf guy <3

  • he is alive rEEEEEEEEEE

  • that synth at the end is my favorite thing ever

  • looks name is david?