I have no idea how this came out of my imagination...


Imagine a world in the future, the human race is becoming overly powerful, so powerful in fact that it is not able to hold its own weight. War and death is something that happens everywhere every day. The world is falling apart. It just seems to be happening all over the globe...

Only few survive. What does the future hold?

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  • :3

  • not really.

  • this is a mess of a track

  • you changed the pic? ;D you add some high stabs in it and changed the sound of the highhat right?

  • Republished

    major edits that you might not even notice

  • :o 100 favs o>O

  • has a good feel to it, i'm starting to notice a trend for your progression and mixing style

  • yu maek me cri agen :(

  • This is really amazing, I love it!

  • Love the story behind this! The song fits the theme very well, I like it very much :)

  • Republished

    announcement - the source of the clipping has been obliterated

  • Republished

    sidechain still clips though

  • i really like the progression you have in the beginning synth, its very simple but different. the synth is too loud though, and i think this could REALLY use some sidechaining with the kick (i can hear it clipping all over). why do you stop with the percussion though? i would suggest continuing with that, build up the groove and then have the section after that as a break and then return to the percussion. i like what u have, it seems you could do more with it. but congrats on popular, awesome work :)

  • Gorgeous sound man!

  • Really good job on this.