aka nebulae, but space clouds sound funnier!

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  • bump :)

  • This track is the best I've heard all year! it's very peacfull at the beggening

  • this is such an epic song

  • Fuck,wow,,,,,YES!!!! ;)

  • Amazing :)

  • I shouldn't even compare myself with artists like u......

  • Im a noob compared to u guys, i have a lot to learn..... This track is sick

  • It's rare that an audiotool song gets stuck in my head, but I haven't been able to stop hearing this one all day.

  • Hell yeah I like this. Easily in my audiotool top 5. It doesn't get much better than this.

  • Wow you guys really like this track.

  • haha amoeba i would be sick of it by now ;) thanks a lot friends

  • 15th time listening.

  • spotify this.

  • Yeah, definitely what I expected. Clear, resonant sound design, great percussion, awesome ambience, incredible.

  • Oh, another Syntax and Kepz track :)