lowercase ep.

part two.

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  • i swear everytime its super late i always listen to this track

  • Really relaxing! Dat rhodes piano synth tho... I really want to look in the track to see how you made it lol...

  • didn't even mean to make it though, then all of a sudden i thought 'whoa that sounds like a rhodes piano' so i adapted it

    gonna improve it and use it in my next track

  • i can't even remember how i made that rhodes synth

  • n i g h t t i m e j a m z

  • sweet, lovely melody ...... and i loved the percussion work, this is gorgeous !!

    kinda Sounds like Plaid :)

  • imma steal that rhodes sound kok

  • Cool!

  • Very mellow. Like the pitch sag at the end. Could use just a little more development in the 2:15 area, that is, go further somewhere different than what you've set up throughout the song. Otherwise, nice feel/flow!

  • i did want it to be somewhat jarring, but maybe it's a little too much xD

  • @noir I think the bleed is characteristic of a normal EP/rhodes piano though. but I agree about the saw lead now that I think about it. maybe lower the cutoff a bit?

  • Haha wow, reading that, it seems kind harsh XD I really do like the song

  • I like the voicing on the EP, the other synth doesn't really lead well through the chords though. The choice for how and when to use the percussion is pretty cool. When you bring in the saw synth, which is a much more abrasive and intense sound, you might want to adjust the surrounding sounds to suit it. I think the saw is a bit too abrasive for what it's playing, though. The EP is not quite percussive enough (overcompressed?) and bleeds into itself a little too much.

  • omg


  • Love the chords dude, SO nice. Groovy rhythm too, adds that flow;)