okay, so i'm still working on the lowercase ep but i thought i'd just publish this anyway. thanks so much everyone!

so you may have noticed a pattern here - the one hundred track was for one hundred followers, the two hundred one here is for two hundred followers... guess what three hundred is gonna be for?

you guessed it :D so basically they're gonna go in some album which will show my progress from 0 to like... i dunno. that's not for me to decide... ;)


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  • When I had 200 I was just starting to realize something like this is possible

  • i remember this ;-;

  • Refav.... so much love..

  • i think it's the perfect 4th intervals

  • for some reason, i feel like there's a way you write chords that makes me automatically realize you made it

  • it's 2 am and i don't wanna do homework but your music puts me in the mood to do it.

  • re-flipping fave!

  • ohh damn, the drums sounds very groovy, i love these synths ....

  • great squares :D

  • Love it

  • refav!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • what did you do before you found audiotool. Your music is so advanced (if that is the right word for it :) Again a great track


  • NO.... it's samples. PLEASE TELL ME IT'S SAMPLES :O

  • glad i found you, i really enjoy chill stuff now and then but has to be super musical and i love this