I tried making some dramatic film music, it was fun.

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  • holy smokes

  • remix should be soon

    • nice, I'll be looking forward to hearing it!

  • Great sounds and overall athmosphere!

  • fuck yes bro number one on soundtrack charts this so deserved it

    • oh shit I didn't even notice lol, I though this would go off this week

  • aaa <3 this is so cool

  • dude this is next level

    i think im gonna cry lmao

  • i love this so god damn much!

    • no worries bro :)

    • thanks <3

    • i know but there's just something about sci-fi scores that get to me man, it's wonderful

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  • This is great! I love how the arp and string mix together, almost as if it was the same synth. I feel like the drums could get a bit higher in the spectrum, they felt a lil muddy

    • I could try pitching the kick up a little or eq-ing the reverb maybe.

      I could've probably taken some more time doing finishing touches haha, might mess around and see if I can improve the mixing a little. Thanks for the feedback

  • whenever i'm back (idk when that will be) i'll try to make a remix on this

    • if i can it will be out next year

    • ooh, good luck!

      I'll be looking forward to hear your take :)

  • Great soundtrack! I like the story you tell us

  • flawless as always

    literally speechless man


    • thank you for the kind words <3

  • <3

  • very nice arps. love it

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