100% samples.

Some of you seem to think there's a problem with using samples.

If there was a problem, why would they be there?

Are you scared you're not being legitimate?

Sampling is just as legitimate as using any synth.

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  • no problem with samples I say.


  • super cool - impressive work :)

  • Cool idea for a track

  • Just for the record, I have a track made only with samples and they are totally recognizable cause I was too lazy to program a synth or edit the samples! But I had fun making it!

  • Cool!

  • Cool!

  • When you use sampled loops, as far as I'm concerned, it's not about being legitimate, is about being original! There is no problem with using samples as long as you make them your own by editing them and giving them you own touch! I find this track a pretty good example of how to use samples but it would be better if the loops that you used would be at least hardly recognizable if not unrecognizable!

    Anyway, nice work!

  • Really nice use of samples!!! :D

  • i agree. but it is not good if just use the whole of a sample and anyone can recognise it. this is good though

  • BTW, great one!

  • Maybe you did on the synth then bounced? Who knows?

  • BTF

  • Sure I agree for sample. Nice track :)

  • Do you know how much "Syntax Error" I got when I was learning Basic in the late 80's! And no help! NONE! Syntax Error: Well where's the ERROR! Which part?!!!

    Sorry - flashback