Setup on the left is Icebox's, on the right is WINTER's.

First beat is WINTER's, second beat is mine.

Genre: Trap

Time: 15 minutes



Aight, first episode of the series!

WINTER decided to do a trap beat battle, but I wanted to do something high and energetic and somewhat different from generic trap, so I basically did a hard trap beat hahaha. The horn melody was one that I re-used from one of my old tracks, but I really had fun experimenting with my 808 slides and my automations, as well as found it hard to find well fitting samples in such a short amount of time lmao. Anyways, comment down who won below and give us feedback in the comments! Remember, this series is not to start beef, but learn from each other ;). So no hate comments please UwU. Hope yoy had as much fun as I did WINTER!



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