"I let this happen... it's all my fault..."


11/16 - Horizons (Classic Mixes)

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  • literally still one of the best songs on this site.

  • Refav bro

    All time classic

  • damn

  • Refav, cause hot damn

  • dude. this song deserves 10 times the plays it has. sad to see how underrated this song is. u definitely deserve more recognition

  • Y'all are insane, you know that?

  • amazing production. love the percussion

  • holy jesus wtf. absolutely legendary

  • Hey guys! i'm new here so yea!!!

    • Hi!!!

    • Kinda sad that no one noticed u here, but ill be the first i guess, welcome lol

  • oooo shittttt i wish more people made this kind of deep shit

  • What the fuck this is sooooo gooooodddddddd oooooffffff

    • This is like an oxygen mask on a jog through the beach, just makes you want to keep pushing

  • This is too good man!!!!

  • Straight Vibing

    • Percs and backing effects work so well, very clean and bouncy

  • how could i have missed this

  • WHAT