Made smthn ig

The piano was imported from FL Studio before the sample upload was disabled. Everything else is either Audiotool or Newloops

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  • refav

  • *plays first 5 seconds of drop then fades out* Hey whats up guys, it's your boy, minecartlegend67 here, and today, we are gonna attempt to mine 1 million diamond ore in just 60 seconds. Don't forget to smash that like button so we can get 1 million likes!

    • I think this comment alone is why this song has over 100 faves


    • Nah he only mined 999,999 diamonds, 0/10

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  • A BOP

  • I wish i was good at House tho...

    • Practice makes perfect my man

  • audiotool is def going places

  • those 7 hidden samples tho

  • When is this dude gonna get signed huh? amazing job.

  • Very joyful and tasty mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm


  • p generic but mfg if your sound design isn't crisp as hell

  • Your style of music is really professional and amazing! I'd wish to hear more of your work! Cheers! :)

  • OOoooooo This is beautiful! i love the synths around 1:40 <3

  • newloops samples are at least better than whats available rn lmao

  • holy sjiiiiiit boiiii!!!

  • nice