Cover of track Cullab with Gabriel by Vulkron
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Vulkron, Gabriel, Oceans, Cullab with Gabriel

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old draft i found

decided to let it live.

*works on draft*

*apoc joins*


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    Light 2 days ago

    I'm highly impressed with those plucks at 0:37

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    ★VoRTeriXeN★ 2 days ago

    Gabriel is one of the most underrated artists here, he makes awesome sounds and melodies, he deserves more followers

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    Nick 6 days ago

    the beginning has an intense NSC Vibe that I fucking loveee

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      Nick 4 days ago

      fuck...woops i need a download of this plz

      im getting back into YT

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      Vulkron 6 days ago

      lol u mean ncs?

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    Ludvik van Pudlik 1 week ago

    Great track! I like the Future Bounce vibes in this one! Maybe i will remix it :) Good job & Cheers! :)

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    Gofkuh 1 week ago

    oohhh this stuf is very noice!