it wasn't my initial plan to remix this, but i changed my mind.

i hope you like this expe ;)

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  • I still love this

  • bruuuuuu

  • old

  • lol opaq

  • fuck

  • :)

  • well, whoever is reading this, just know that when i first got onto audiotool, this was one of two tracks i immediately hit remix. I heard these chords and sounds and i didn't think it was possible at ALL to make these beautiful sounds

    but i never gave up

    everyone starts somewhere. if you suck now, persevere. only a true passion for music will keep your dedication alive.

  • guys, remember this?

  • <3

  • *remembering when this was your top track*

  • o. dang

  • bruh

  • 01:01 The detuning is just soooooo perfect ;_; Refav.

  • I'm glad you remixed my track. :)

    I really love this. :)

  • This has got to be my favorite of your tracks. One of my all time AT favs too.