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  • damn guys, this track is crazy good

    • Thanks! This was one of the funnest tracks I ever worked on. I need to do a new one with chris soon.

  • this is huge!

  • Thanks @Snadbrugen I agree, Chris and I feed off of each other well. We'll have a new one soon.

  • 02:13 yeah!!! you two are great together

  • so much sounds going on now :) the toms at theend are real amazing

  • OOOOH.....!!!! YES..!!! What a pulsing throbbing beat you guys created,,mint!!!! Flowing like a liquid gold waterfall..!!

    Superb colab guys ;D

  • Great to see how two already good artists combine their powers to create something even more better.

    I love tracks where stuff is happening and everything is getting complex fast. You totally should try something in the psytrance area. Although please don't do a simple outro fadeout next time, its just lazy. Awesome track.

  • Now that's a bass...

  • Right on, guys!!!! !00! :)

  • thx to all :)

  • Great collab! I love it! ;)

  • Thanks Guys!

  • dark sounding. Epic track boiz

  • Ohh sheeeet.

    Some real stuff going on here. Nice work dudes

  • Great collab, Gratulation!