The Sea creatures come ashore once again. :)

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  • geiles teil

  • And the pic is amazingly appropriate for the track

  • ok you got me on this one I am a fan....sad that I'm just now checking out the rest of your tracks.

  • Big Refav, Awesome ::))

  • Percs on this are class! and that gritty bass, I love the way you guys take musical influence from pretty much everywhere, very cool.

  • love the Jam guys

  • If I was in the movie bizz, this would the make the sound track for some awesome, kick butt B-roll dude

  • loving the bass riff!!

    ....where have I been all this time





  • whoa...

  • Cool track :O So much power :O

  • great!

  • oooooo dat beat

  • whoa great track!

  • gj guys!!!!