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a-recordsEdition Audiotool: Christian Chrom

Total playing time: 1:11:03

Christmas songs and Techno, where else could you find this? Have fun with @Christian-Chrom 's great playlist and be sure to check out his interview on our Facebook: (link is only visible to registered users)

1. Jingle Bells - Synth Barbershop by @Frigolito

"All is possible even singing synths :) The first time I listened to this track I couldn't believe it and I was sitting at my pc with my mouth wide open.

The skills of Frigolito are unmatched and this track is by far the best track on AT in my opinion. "

2. Lonesome by @Someone

"ONE 303 and an absurd amount of fx was needed to make this beautiful track. I spend a few hours in the draft but still haven't a clue how this is possible :)

For sure one of AT's best tracks. I am sure many people are still waiting for another track from Someone "

3. Smoked by @Olondro

"Tracks 1 and 2 were not influenced by my personal music taste so you could basically count this as nr1. I really like Drumcode rec. a lot and this track could easily be on that label. Olondro , in my opinion you are a Scandinavian, at least in your music style."

4. Serpentine by @lucy inugami

"Techno at its finest! Daniel has a lot of real good tracks but this is that's my favorite of his."

5. Volution by @André Michelle

"André Michelle, thx for making all this possible! The drive of this track is so good I always start moving while listening to it."

6. Grik6:)! by @yafee?

"N1m8:)! Awesome track yafee? we want more!!!

7. Psychose by @SindeZ

"Real dark and mysterious track and you should definitely check SnaKy out."

8. Underbred by @E-trim

"Known for his real good Neuro-Drum and Bass skills E-trim also has also made a few Techno tracks and I really like what he does. "

9. Synthetic by @in5omniac

"A perfect example that not much stuff is needed to make a real good track. Percs are on spot and I really like the deep and dark atmosphere. great one in5omniac"

10. The God Particle ( Christian-Chrom and The Seahorse ) by @The Seahorse

"Shame on me to put in a track I worked on but it's still a favorite and stylewise something new. I am realyl proud of this track and The Seahorse did such a good job on it."

Artist Recommendation:

11. Future Cities by @arty

"In my opinion Ayearty really deserves more attention because he is amazing. Great synth-design and atmosphere in his tracks. Check him out!"

Own favorite track:

12. Dark Rite by @Christian-Chrom

"I selected this track as my favorite of my own. There are a few others that I like but this one is the closest to my personal music taste."

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