The is a simple draft I did a while ago and I recently expanded upon it.

This remix comp is to celebrate my milestone of 150 followers (either mouth or lyonte) I have no money, so there's no physical prize :P

1st Place

-I'll spam a song of your choice for 3 days

-Place in my description FOREVER

-A collab(if wanted)

2nd Place

-Place in my description(limited)

-You can have my love since I can't think of another thing to give :P

3rd Place

-Place in my description(limited)

-And again my love.

There's will be honerable mentions if I get enough entries.

I'm fine with the use of samples such as: sweeps, whitenoise, and one shots. But I want to see original synthwork.

Due Date: June 1, 2013

Best of luck!!! :D

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  • ah well, i should have put more work into it...

  • congrats phil

  • scheiße

  • To be honest, I dont request that you spam a song for 3 days. I have no care for that :) I'm glad that I won, am thankful for your judgement, congratulate you on your amount of followers, and I'm always up for a collaboration ;)

  • Haha wow! Thanks so much Frey! This is great! :D

  • 2nd place @Aron . Sorry for messing up the link :P

  • 1st place: @orf

    2nd place: @mygrandpaiscool

    3rd place: @dump

    congrats everybody!!! So sorry on being so late. :/

    Honorable mentions: HS who is now @Lan3 :P

    @Otter Beats


    It was hard to chose winners. Although I really do love dubstep, I had to take a step back and look at how the person made the song their own. And @orf really did that.

  • I'm thinking about moving up the deadline but idk how imma let everyone know :P

  • If you want to I'm not against it :P

  • i sort of want to remix it again, but we all know it would just end up sounding like the megaman sample : P

  • Okay, well thanks for the feedback :P

  • melody is cool but some of them feel cluttered to me... ah i just don't think i'd enjoy working on this

  • not really feeling this one :/ thanks for posting on my wall though :)

  • Thank you to everybody that remixed it!

    I hope to hear somemore before the deadline :)

  • Thanks :P I thought your remix was very nice!