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  • Love the desertdry snare, great work:~)

  • I like this track... I even remixed it. btw, infy, You are so awesome at this stuff. I kinda wish I could put a track like this together. You're awesome! :)

  • nice

  • I wish I was at your level of amazingness!!!

  • yo can we please do a collab?

  • Anyone remember this one?

    • I do and I snagged that 400th fav too

  • the pure Electro...

    by infyusion

  • If you replace the snare with the pryda snare.

  • come listen my track "the sky"

  • Nice and full sound. :-)

  • lovely!

  • Gorgeous vocal work. I like that even as the track feels familiar, it still feels unique. I will say that the synths are a little, meh? The pluck is nice, but the saw is just kinda generic. I guess it's more radio friendly, but you didn't put in nearly the level of interest you typically put into your synth work. Regardless, nice track.

  • this is pretty freaking awesome

  • Sick song dude I saw this in the front cover ov audiotool

  • the stabs somehow seem a bit off at 1.48