shooting for a classic ravey sound by making everything stink of tube

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  • When the softer low part of the song, gets hit with a hard jamming melody. It gives the feeling of driving around a big city.

  • I forgot to mention this really has reminded me of a childhood game I played (NFS carbon) and there's this song by Ekdtrak called the "Introduction Kit" this truly has that vibe, idk if u were inspired by him bc this sounds similar and it's amazing

    • Bro i remeber that game it was etheir on psp or gameboy i played it on

    • Thanks! I never played that, but it's a cool track

  • personal fav from AT day this year

  • more like Drum and Beast

  • ok this one is the winner. couldn't tell me otherwise

  • first off, is this your artwork??

    Second, you find groove in every style you work in. You're a funky dude @Goon . Always love your stuff!

    • Naswalt X Goon when?

    • I want to meet your brother in person and just art talk all day. I want to see as those eyes see, and I want to know how he manages to do what he does in so many different styles. it's mind boggling. Tell him that I said, as a member of the art community, that he is truly astounding.

    • damn, there really is a gene for that artistic touch. I can't help but groove with you. Keep up the great work. You've got such a great sound!

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  • f it im not submitting anything

    • Art is subjective; if people judge you for your music, they don't understand that you're making music for yourself.

      If you win, cool, but even if you don't, your music is good. If your music sounds good to you, then it's good music.

    • the second biggest thing in music is making sure other people know you don't care what others think

    • the biggest thing in music is to just stop caring what others think

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  • dude this is fucking nuts

  • gosh

  • So amazing how the bass changes in feedback realy dynamic:~)

  • So gooood

  • Those basses lack in the highs, but the synthwork is absolutely insane. sounds EVIL

  • you killed that bass i love it

  • holy shit, that bass is aggro af

    i have to change my pants now

  • Holy shit GOON DNB