Not much to it. I had some time this weekend. Mostly made this to help me get better and relax. Maybe it will help you too :)

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  • Wonderful

  • uh uh iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

    • not but for real this is awesome.

      sounds like a sega game [not necessarily a sonic game]

  • i never appreciated this enough

    • Thanks man this is my favorite audiotool track I've made.

  • wow no comments in three years

  • Nice

  • After all this time, I'm still listening to it. My top 2 favorite Infy songs are Topaz and Pony. Pony? This helps me relax after stressful days. Beautiful.

  • Definitely one of my favorite songs in the past year.

  • dam bro good job can u give me some tips plz?

  • ZZZZzzzzz...

    (the good kind)lol

    And can you please give me tips on my songs? It would be very helpful.

  • dude this is really relaxing

  • I still really like the synth design in all of the instruments in this song

  • it's still awesome ;)

  • Diamant bleu

    Je suis pas un pro, mais j'ai trouvé comme une petite ressemblance, ça n'équivaut en rien ce morceau tout simplement magnifique, mais il faut un début à tout ! Topaz is just wonderfull !!!

  • this is awesome :)

  • swerve