Cover of track 100 Follower Remix Competition :3 by The Fourth Dimension
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The Fourth Dimension, 100 Follower Remix Competition :3


the past week or so has been absolutely wild. i went from 70 something to 100. i remember a few weeks ago i was stuck at 40 for the longest time, and slowly the parabola effect just kicked in and suddenly my follower count skyrocketed. i realize that 100 isnt that big, but just the fact that i wound up in the single charts is completely mind boggling. i almost cried tears of joy twice in the past week. i thank yall from the deepest depths of my heart for stickin around, helpin me out, and just taking a minute of your day to see what im up to. :3 love you guys. <3


i dont really know about prizes, i cant really give out money because i am saving up to work on a car, plus i can collab with people but collaborations usually dont work. i could always make someone a preset but i already have an absolute boat load of presets to choose from.


as far as rules go, the only thing that i want is at least 30 seconds of music, i will be slightly lenient with it.

i also want at least a drop with some drums and such, it doesnt matter what kind of drop, what genre you make it into, or what kind of percussion you use.

i also dont want you to use any of my presets either, i want you to use your own presets or make your own synths.

and the progression doesnt have to be the same, but it has to be at least, noticeably similar.

finally, the only thing that i will allow to come from other DAWs instrument wise will be growls if you feel like it, and any real life instrument you want to use, like a piano or a bass guitar.


i hope these rules arent too unbearable. I guess the deadline can be January the first. i might add more time if i need to but im making the span of time to work on it so long so i dont have to do that, and also to give yall enough time to come up with something. i hope yall have fun!~


i will be judging based on how it sounds to me, how much effort was put into it, and how well everything gels together. mostly the first two, but i will try to incorporate the latter part as well.


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