Changed the name - thanks for the name Oedipax :)

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  • Hey man, Dodecahedron is sort of like a retro infusion dnb crossover. So technically I made some too. :P

  • the 303 is preferred, but can be optional at times. Typically has a legato melodic line somewhere with a kind of staccato bass. Multiple melodic lines are preferred because otherwise it's boring (one melody is never enough). In fact, the bass and chords should all be voiced to produce a counter melody of some kind.

  • I'd also would like to know exactly what has to go into a song to classify it as retro infusion. I know it needs bassline/303, panning sweeps, and needs lasers, what else is there?

  • The genre is going to stick! I have no idea. i'm not that knowledgeable about other artists. I barely have time to really explore much more than what's done in audiotool and I prefer audiotooler's music to most others I hear. Basically it's all in my influences, New Order/Joy Division and other 80's new wave, bop jazz, and other cool rocking stuff :). I don't make club music, I make arche Retro Infusion originals! :)

  • Good to hear some more retro infusion. Nice song arche, and I'm just wondering, is there anybody else in the world you would classify under retro infusion?

  • oh yes and I added lazers

  • Republished

    change name and updates

  • All the notes blend together perfectly. Awesome as usual

  • sounds inspired to me, love the shuffle drum feel in the intro

  • When I work on the rest of it, I'll change the name :P

  • very nice!

  • Uninspired? I don't believe that ... The creative result is not always time-consuming... The track comes complete at one time... sometimes

  • Despite being sick, this track is sick.

  • @olaf : Is there a track I've ever made that's not full of energy? LOL. I like this track the more I hear it.