It's about time I made my type of trance. I haven't made any since my days as Trancefreak12. This is my trance remix of Uprising track featuring vocals by Melissa Pixel.

Some of the layers take up a lot of space in the frequency spectrum, so it sounds like there are more layers than there actually are. These massive trance synths turn mixing into a fickle, tedious business.

I discovered that I can simulate vibrato using one stereo channel of the chorus. I used it on the vocals.

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  • Republished


  • refavvv

  • this really should have won imo. awesome stuff man


  • ooooo 69 faves ;)

  • the effect on the voice is great!

  • Omg so good~!!

  • Republished

    Minor edits: vibratoness, removed Stereo Enhancer from vocals.

  • i'm really noticing the vibrato effect now that i've heard the original and other remixes. i think it sounds pretty awesome

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a winner!

  • love trance and love this track, maybe have vocals a little cleaner? I think they sound low quality compared to the original at parts.

  • I can only endorse the previous speaker

  • I myself don't like trance, But I can tell when it's good. And this is.

  • Like many people I am tired of listening to cheesy uplifting trance like I used to, but I just cant complain in this case because it is done so well and so properly, that It would not feel right to call this "just another uplifting trance song". You have made something fantastic and incredibly special and I wish you the best of luck :)

  • It seems these vocals were made for uplifting trance, because whenever I think of what to do with them I only think of trance. But what you have done here is far better than what I have imagined.