Cover of track She (2018 update kinda) by Aringrey
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Aringrey, She (2018 update kinda)


Yo whaddup. I thought I would take this old track and update it just a bit. Just kinda to let you know what is going on. I have graduated from school and am now studying at the local uni. This will probs eat up a lot of time so there is a good chance I will not be working on here for a long time. If I find the time and the energy to do things I might but I doubt it.

Audiotool Hardcore did just publish the ATHC Mega mix volume 1 and I made 3 tracks for it. 2 on here and one on @Arin the Grey so you can check those out if you want to.


can you please let me know why you follow me/listen to my music. I will link a poll below and you can comment aswell.

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    this is fucking awesome