Here's my entry for the remix contest of Inspectre's track :)

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  • Republished

    Did some more leveling on the vocals

  • Republished

    Reworked the structure to make it feel more balanced overall. Did a lot of levelling, EQing, and general touching up to get it ready to be mastered for the EP

  • This is amazing congratulations!! :~)

  • Woooow Huge remix mate!!!

  • Congrats. Great remix.

  • absolutely massive! congratulations!!

  • dog, congrats!

  • Congrats on the win!

  • Congrats - great remix man!

  • Nearly missed this entry. So powerfull!

    Congrats! Well deserved!

  • congrats on #2

  • Republished

    EQ'd out some of the muddy overtones on the lead

  • Republished

    Worked on the synth lead in the first drop a bit

  • Neat synth sounds, could use a few more layers, but interesting stuff here.

    I literally spit my coffee out at 01:30 that vocal chop made me laugh so hard for some reason. You definitely need to stereo pan that back in your mix a bit lol

    • Fr though haha and yup, at this point I'm hellbent on finding it XD

      I think the reason it may have been a little better this time around is because I opted to side-chain the chorus and verse vocals using gravity on the first send of the centroid. Then I adjusted the sends on the synths, basses, and guitar parts.

      Consequently, when the vocals kicked in at the 1:30 part, they pushed the synth lead back into the mix a little bit

    • Lol how ironic my timing is! Well I'm sure there's a happy middle ground somewhere somehow :)

    • Ohhhh this whole time you were talking about the synth lead 😂 okay, yeah that's a pretty simple fix

      You missed the round of repubs where I removed it from there entirely and replaced it with mid-ranged, panned synths. But I felt like the track lost a lot of momentum, so I brought it back.

      I agree I think it just needs to be better integrated into the mix at that part

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