Cover of track Mon x Vulk x Kib - Wonder by Prismane
  • about 2 years ago
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Kibbey, Prismane, Mon x Vulk x Kib - Wonder


Vulk and Kib are amazing to work with really, the song just progressed more and more as the days went by and it turned out really well. ~ Mon


This was a really fun track to make! Not having any source material makes artist block kick in for me. But, since Monsoon laid down the foundation, it really sparked the creativity of the track. I'm really happy with how this came out! ~ Kib


Oh hey guys! Don't mind me, just doing another collab a few dudes I found on the street. $tręet g @NG

Fr tho I had some fun making this with these guys. Kib did most of the work, but I def helped out :D Mon added a buncha sounds I didnt even know the heisenberg could make, and we all just mixed all that together to create this. Enjoy y'all :D ~ Vulkron

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