Here is the seventh song "Virus" for the album "Last Memory" This consists of a guy speeking, Dubstep, and a beautiful piano part in the middle. Honeslty, my least favourite song.....Idk for you though :)

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Chapter Seven:

We find Vinyl siting at the kitchen table, eating a lovely dinner, with her love of her live, Octavia. They are having a conversation about how they should celebrate their 6th year anniversary of dating each other, when all of a sudden, Vinyl isn't feeling well. She feels dizzy, weak, and her right eye starts to bleed. Octavia freaks out and went to help Vinyl up to the kitchen and telling her "Everything is gonna be alright" Octavia manages to call 911 for the ambulance to come and get Vinyl. Hour later, Vinyl is in a Hospital bed, asleep. Octavia is in the room with Nurse Red Heart, trying to figure out what's wrong with Vinyl. Nurse Red Heart said It's some kind of "Virus" that they don't know of, and some how is not spreading, just, staying in Vinyl, and that Vinyl should stay in the hospital for a month or so. Octavia asks "Will Vinyl be alright or.....live?" Nurse Red Heart said "I'm sorry Octavia but, She doesn't have that much time to live. Good news though, the Virus seems to, kill her slowely, so, she might have a couple of years still to live" Octavia didn't respond. She stood there, crying small tiers, but, stopped and said "I'm gonna make her last years the best years of her life"

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