Demolish // Anguish.

Pt.1 -vista

Pt. 2 -Namahage

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  • #1 has to be my favorite.

  • Really enjoyed both parts but damn vista that was nasty

  • word

  • damn i see you with that peep flip

  • HEAT

  • i bet Vistanam is nice this time of year xD

  • - intro fkin beast mode

    - tyler the creator could be in this track

    - 0:21 808 is fking amazing

    - shiiit i can write fire ass bars for this


    - lil peep :(((((((( SHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESH

    - those anime samples really did it tho lol awsome drop and shirft

    - 1:45 *intensifies*

    - very aesthetic

    • You actually understand the anime sample thank you man


  • man i need the one starts from 00:56 . till end the feel is awesome. can i get it? so i can use and change a bit and use? pls

  • Really proud of vista, dude makes NC look good. He isn't even 20 yet and he's on a trajectory of something like how yung gud got famous from his beats at 16. Keep that grind breh! Love from Greensboro.

    • damn thanks guys

    • Same I remember back when vista wasn't nearly this good but he's improved quite a bit since then for sure.

  • dammnn. vista's part was dope but i really liked namahage's part as well...

    • same...that kinda music just makes me feel really nostalgic and peaceful

    • i luv that kinda stuff

    • Thank you bro I was going for a dreamy wavy vibe

  • i enjoyed it

    but the hentai moans

    • but it's all part of the aesthetic I was going for

    • I'll turn em down a bit ig lol

  • i wouldnt suspect this Tbh

  • my part is unmixed srry

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  • ah shit....distorted trap

  • Good stuff!