I'm back!

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  • yall remember when the butten to go to the studio was blue

  • This gives me nostalgia in a way

  • 2017 was a great year. Anyone still remember it after 2019-2022?

  • tbh this was the track got me into audiotool. among a few others

  • refav <33333

  • 4 years and still strong

  • missing this

  • I love how simplistic this sounds tbh, no mastering whatsoever, but thats the beauty of it: It doesn't take a musical genius to make dope sounds

    • the best sounds come from talent

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  • oh shit i forgot how delicious that lead was

  • That lead sounds like Portal 2 XD

  • BROO wtf????

  • I was never too proud of this track, but I'm so grateful for all the love y'all have given to my work. It still stands as my #1 track amd, in all honesty, I am satisfied. Thank y'all so much for the support! I promise I'll be releasing more stuff, maybe not on AT, but you can find them on pretty much anywhere <3

  • holy testicles

  • why does this feel like this happened so long ago yet it was only a year ago

  • Is so cool to see that this still has impressed me to this day