Cover of track We Have The Skrill (ft. Virtual Reality) by XculE
  • about 5 years ago
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XculE, Virtual Reality, We Have The Skrill (ft. Virtual Reality)


Hello there!

Here is an awesome collab i've done with "Virtual Reality". He is the first place winner in my very first contest back like, weeks ago, and it was pretty fun to work together on it. When we first started off, I already did the chords and the drums and bass and lead, just everything besides the Dubstep. We both worked together to create awesome Dubstep parts, and he helped make the chords parts sound more better by adding the little swoosh sound. Try to hear which Wub is whos. Enjoy!

Wub on!

This song is also dedicated to the man Skrillex. He is awesome and with out him, i think we wouldn't have the genre Dubstep :3

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