I had lots of fun creating this, I'm glad I've finally finished it! I am proud and I've noticed that I'm getting better and better at this.


Good luck everyone! :D

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  • I think I know of a way to get this sample back hehehe

  • i can never go back

  • the fact this was just made with two synths and a machinste

    so much power for such a small draft good hecking GAME.

  • Minus the drums, and chants, play this at my funeral.

    Not saying the drums are bad, but at a funeral, trap drums aren't very respectful XD

    • Death type beat lets go dababy

    • imagine you dying and a fucking AT trap kid shows up and plays his fucking 808 oversaturated lil type trap beat. Jesus... I don't wanna die this way... I need guarantees it won't happen.

    • Damn bro, what a compliment? lol

      I wish I could go back in and remove them, but the sample is taken down so it won't be in the mix after a republish.

  • -wow-

  • still dope af

    • Thank ya man. This'll probably be one of the few tracks that dont get too old lol

  • <3

  • ik this is from 2 years ago, but damn!

    • Freaking nostalgia on this one thoo

    • I couldn't find this apparently

  • holy snap 130 <3

    • it's all good man, it's all good :)

    • I thought I favorited it already. Because I remember a year ago liking it on my page

  • I listen to this daily

    • Damn dude, I didn't think anyone still listened to this frequently... <3


  • rah

  • I love this

  • oh em gee

    • HAHA

    • And that was the last time I've said that word

    • Such a nostalgic throwback tbh

      Can't believe this got so much attention.

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  • Holy fuck throwback

  • refav

    • know i was gonna remix the original lol

    • Yeah sometimes you just gotta branch out a just start making your own sounds if you can't find any samples ya 'know? The sample for this song actually got taken down or removed, so if I were to update this or try to republish it, the sample used would not be there.

    • lol i want to make sum like this but canf find a sample nor a song to sample

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