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  • damn

  • oh shit, fucking brilliant. <333


  • yo totally missed this

  • damb throwback <3

  • :D

  • Oof I almost forgot about this beauty

  • omg i remember this track from when i first joined. this was in my head when i made euphoria!!!!!!!! but i didn't know that it was this song!!!!!!!

    • Hahahah!!

    • yeah the lead was just poppin in my head a bunch and i was just like "what fuckin song is that!?!"

    • Haha! Oh yeah? I'm so glad I inspired you man :)

  • This song makes me feel happy every time I listen to it

  • cx

  • ok lmao

  • Needs a bass for the kick. try nion's "bassy kick"

  • New #3 track, thanks guys (:

  • >3 straight accounts with sketchy ass profiles fav

    Don't do this to me. I only want people who appreciate my stuff.

  • Republished

    remixes open